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A warm welcome from the Senn family

Three generations, twelve heads and plenty to offer

The Senn family are your hosts at the Hotel Bemelmans-Post in Klobenstein. Husband and wife Theo and Annemarie Senn manage the hotel and its team, with Theo acting as head of the house and also head chef, while Annemarie looks after the rooms, dining arrangements and decoration, not forgetting the personal care and attention shown to guests. Ulrike Senn, their oldest daughter, organises matters in the office and at reception while son Anton (the only boy of five children) has followed in his father’s footsteps and will one day take over in the kitchen.

Maria Senn, the second oldest daughter, recently married Tobias and lives in Vienna, working as a production assistant on various film and theatre projects. Johanna is studying tourism management in Munich and, last but not least, youngest daughter Klara is at high school in Bozen, specialising in languages and music and helping out in the hotel whenever needed.

The latest additions to the Senn family are Ulrike and husband Hannes’s children, Josef and twins Lutz and Sophie.