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Delicious, fresh, regional

Culinary delights from South Tyrol

Enjoy the fresh taste of South Tyrol! For our regional specialities and Mediterranean delicacies we use only the best ingredients from our own production or from local producers. Fresh every day and of the highest quality, without any compromise. Our team of chefs treats you to culinary works of art. Enjoy them with a glass of fine wine from South Tyrolean wine growers. A feast for the palate and the senses!

Many ingredients, such as Speck cured ham, cold meats, meat, fruit, vegetables, herbs, jams and eggs, are from our own garden and our own farm. We also make our own house wine every year. We are happy to prepare vegetarian and vegan meals for you, we adapt to your food intolerances and we cook special children’s dishes for your little ones.

Toni Senn

Toni’s kitchen motto is simple: Sustainability and wholesomeness are the key. In his kitchen, nothing is wasted. All parts of every carrot and every potato are used, the quality of the produce is prized above all. Toni is sure of one thing: Only wholesome products can result in high quality dishes. This, combined with his exceptional skills as a chef, results in extremely tasty meals.
Where possible the Senn family will use produce from our own garden, our farm and homemade products, whether speck and sausages, fruit and vegetables, jams, meat, eggs and herbs. Theo Senn, head of the hotel, personally supervises the garden, smokes his own speck and sausages, prepares jams and brings fresh eggs in from the farm. He also makes a “house wine” each year.

The Senn family is uncompromising when it comes to the freshness of products that are not from our own production: fruit, vegetables and meat are bought daily from farms in the vicinity once Theo Senn has checked the goods for quality.

Theo Senn and his team in the kitchen are pleased to meet guests’ special requirements, whether for children’s menus, diets (e.g. for those with celiac disease), or for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The continuous training of staff in this respect ensures varied, nutritious cooking that is every bit as good as “normal” food.