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In this room of well- being you can enjoy the symbiosis of beneficial and skilful dosed natural elements. Powerful warmness, mild water vapour, stimulating flavours, affusion through meditative- calming music sounds will restore your immune system, clean your respiratory system, purify and decontaminate your whole body.

The sensuous setting of the harmonic play of colours takes a positive effect on your body. Blue tranquilizes, helps at nervous disruptions, insomnia, agitation and in anxiety states. Green light can alleviate pain, appease, relax and revitalize. Yellow light makes hungry and is healthful for the liver. Red light has a positive effect on our heart, lung and muscles. Altogether a stay in a our Vitarium donates your body, mind and soul calmness and serenity. After this ceremony for all senses you’ll see the world with other eyes and feel all around comfort.
Finnish Sauna
Through a change of warm and cold impulses the sauna offers relaxation for your body. Humour- plurality and an improvement in performance, purification and detoxication of the body. Heart, blood circuit and all the other physical functions will work better.

Effects of the warm phase
  • Increase of the physical temperatures (skin + 10 degrees, core +1 degree)
  • Improvement of the metabolism of the skin
  • transpiration
  • purification
  • Normalization of the blood pressure
  • Improvement of the blood circulation of the skin
  • Relaxation of muscles and psyche

Effects of the cool phase
  • Normalization of the physical temperature
  • Oxygen saturation of the blood
  • Animation of the renal function
  • Improvement of the peripheral blood circulation
  • Psychological animation
  • Sensation of refreshment

Overall effect

  • Skin- purification, skin care and animation of the cell regeneration
  • Inurement, increase of the defense against infection
  • Heart training and circuit acclimatization
  • Animation of the pituitary and of the adrenal cortex system
  • Harmonization of the vegetative nervous system
Rittner steam bath
The essential oils gained from medical plants dissolve themselves in the vapour. Through the skin and the respiratory tracts they penetrate into the organism and develop their positive effect.
Through the beneficial interplay of humidity and warmth muscle cramps will be dissolved. The physical relaxation produces at the same time a slow- down of irritated nerves. The warmth of the steam enters deep into the tissue and produces a blood circulation of all organs and introduces hereby beneficial processes.
The steam bath has also a positive effect at rheumatic afflictions, lumbago, metabolism problems, circuit problems, female complaints, colds, catarrh, bronchitis, allergic coryza, impureness of skin.
Experience shower
You can enjoy our experience showers as often as you like. They have a beneficial and relaxing effect.
With the different flavours of pine wood until apple blossom in different intensity they animate your senses. They open new perception- dimensions. They release your breath and you begin to feel good from the inside.
The good matched colour- effects make sure that body, mind and soul are in a beneficial harmony. You become calm and balanced, cheerful and pleased. You feel good all around.