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For centuries, people have come to the sunny Ritten to relax here in the tranquillity of nature.

Welcome to the Bemelmans Post. Your Hotel on the Ritten.

Our family-run hotel welcomes you in an exclusive location in the middle of Klobenstein on the Ritten, the panoramic terrace above Bolzano. A wonderful place where modern comfort, historical flair and a charming park form a very special combination. As if made for recharging your batteries in the midst of the most beautiful South Tyrolean nature. A place of warm encounters, good cuisine and lived history. For gourmets, families, active holidaymakers. For quiet moments, unique events and carefree holiday happiness.

NEW 2024: Our new Biopool!

The construction work for our new, exclusive biopool has finally been completed! In our Bemelmans Hotel Park with its new garden landscape, you can now regenerate in 360°, with alpine plants and fragrant herbs, small waterfalls and new, naturally designed retreats for relaxation. The Platter Biopools facility combines the natural bathing experience of a mountain lake with the crystal-clear aesthetics of a modern swimming pool.
swimming pool and will complement our offer in a natural way. We are already looking forward to the first dip in the soft water.

The relaxation - genuine

The experience - unique

The view - priceless


Three buildings,
united into one whole.

10 good reasons for the Bemelmans Post.

10,000 m² hotel park
Lived hospitality
360 degrees view of the Dolomites
Top location
Real pleasure
Pure relaxation
At the pulse of nature
Activities in front of the door
Art Nouveau flair
Family Senn³
Hotel Ritten - Südtirol
These lines were written by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
from the Hotel to his professional colleague C. G. Jung:
„Here on the Ritten plateau it is divinely beautiful and comfortable.
I have discovered in myself an inexhaustible desire to do nothing, tempered by two-hour sessions reading new material, and I simply do not want to think about the beginning of next month and the heavy workload it will bring.“
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