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Its long history is omnipresent at Bemelmans Post and gives our hotel a very special flair. Let yourself be enchanted and immerse yourself in a past that today we only know from history books.

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol
Hotel Ritten - Südtirol
Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

From a post office to a feel-good hotel. A house with history.

The Bemelmans Post has been owned by our family since 1968. But its history goes much deeper. As early as the 14th century, a horse-changing and post station is documented here, which offered travellers on their way from the Brenner Pass to Rome food and a place to spend the night. Around 1900, the Post Hotel on the Ritten experienced its golden age under Hans Bemelmans, uncle of the famous writer Ludwig Bemelmans. Noblemen, princes and famous personalities came to Klobenstein at this time. Their traces and the flair of this historic past can still be felt today in Bemelmans Post.

Changing decades.

Before Hans Bemelmans led the Post-Hotel in Klobenstein to fame and reputation, the well-known host Felix Mair led the fortunes of the house. The extension above the dining room and today's hotel park date from his time.  However, Mair's heirs are unable to keep the property and are forced to sell it. Hans Bemelmans acquires the Post-Hotel and leads it to success. In August 1907, the new cogwheel railway goes into operation on the Ritten, allowing guests to reach the hotel in Klobenstein from Bolzano's Waltherplatz via Maria Himmelfahrt and Oberbozen.

1968: The Senn family takes over Bemelmans Post.

The troubles of the Second World War force the Bemelmans Post to close. It reopened in the 1950s, but was never able to return to its former glory. For many years the house was put up for sale. In 1968, it is finally acquired by Mrs Senn Senior, who initially runs the Bemelmans Post with her children Theo, Herrmann and Brigitte. The hotel is still in family hands today. Theo Senn and his wife Annemarie run the hotel in the spirit of tradition and have carefully brought its chequered history into the present with modern touches.

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