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Culinary delights, a harmonious ambience and a good glass of wine. It's all part of the good life. To the perfect moment of pleasure. To an enjoyable holiday on the Ritten.

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol
Hotel Ritten - Südtirol
Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

Delicious for heart and palate.

Fresh, delicious, regional. That is our philosophy when it comes to cuisine. And that is Toni Senn's realm at Bemelmans Post. Sustainable and wholesome: that's how the chef likes it best. And, of course, varied. Accordingly, what is served every evening in the pleasant ambience of our dining rooms is very varied: Classics of South Tyrolean cuisine, delicious antipasti, fresh produce from the vegetable garden, handmade dishes from our own butchery - gluten-free or lactose-free on request. A good drop of wine from the wine cellar, where noble labels mature behind thick stone walls, is a perfect accompaniment.

Toni Senn, chef with passion.

Toni's kitchen philosophy is quickly explained: honest, sustainable and down-to-earth. And very important: nothing is wasted. Every carrot and every potato finds enjoyable use in the cooking pot, and the quality of the products always comes first. Because one thing our Toni knows: only from wholesome products and a skilful hand can high-quality dishes be created that delight the palate and surprise the guest in culinary terms.

Good things from our own cultivation.

Speck, sausage, fruit, vegetables, jams, meat, eggs and herbs - we're not the only ones who think homemade tastes best. That's why, wherever possible, we use products from our own garden, from our own farm and from our own production. Chef Theo personally takes care of what grows in the garden, smokes speck and sausage, cooks jams and fetches fresh eggs from the chicken coop every day.

The right ambience.

A successful meal requires not only an excellent performance by the kitchen and service team, but also a pleasant ambience. At Bemelmans Post, we strive to provide our guests with such an ambience every day: We prepare every single table meticulously and with great attention to detail. Our rooms also provide the right atmosphere: the Art Nouveau dining room, the restaurant and our old parlours with the sun-drenched Freud veranda.

Fine wines in the oldest part of the hotel

It is not just the wines in our cellar that are exceptional: the vaults of the wine cellar at the Bemelmans-Post Hotel date from the 17th century and are the oldest walls in the building. Notable too are the centuries-old doors to the cellar with their carvings and paintings. Shielded by the thickness of the walls, the cellar enjoys a stable climate that makes it particularly suitable for storing such temperature-sensitive products as wine.

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