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Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

Naturally beautiful. Beauty treatments and massages.

In the beauty and vitality world of the Bemelmans Post, we pamper hotel and day guests with everything that is good for body and soul: massages, scrubs, beauty treatments, perfectly tailored to skin type and needs. We use the best from our South Tyrolean nature: pine oil, bee honey, mountain salts. Valuable ingredients that enhance your natural beauty and provide holistic well-being. Our spa team will be happy to advise you on the various applications and treatments.


Bemelmans Welcome Massage

Relaxes the back muscles and gives a deep sense of well-being, thanks to the purest essential oils, which are part of the typical aromas of the Ritten.

25 min. - € 45.00

Foot reflexology

The soles of the feet are the mirror of the entire human body. With deep and delicate pressure, we try to restore balance in the body by massaging the feet in harmony with our psychophysical state. Our approach is holistic and aims to raise awareness and awaken the resources that each of us has within us.

50 min. - € 90.00

Connective tissue massage

Stimulates blood circulation and improves the nutritional state of the tissue. Makes the skin elastic and compact again. The massage gives the body a feeling of lightness.

50 min. - € 85.00


This medium-intensity dynamic massage increases the flow of energy and thus promotes the removal of water retention. In this way, it works in depth against the signs of cellulite.

50 min. - € 90.00

Lymphatic drainage

Stimulates lymphatic flow and promotes the elimination of lymphatic congestion and excess water retention by activating points that increase drainage.

65 min. - € 95.00


Many of our daily tensions accumulate in different zones of the body, especially in the head, neck and shoulders. This massage uses classical western techniques, including kneading and pressing the energy points of the organism. Depending on the tension and need, the energy points are stimulated and muscle tensions are loosened and the whole organism is relaxed.

50 min. - € 80.00


The anti-stress energy massage leads to deep relaxation and helps our vital energy to recover from the effects of stress. With slow and gentle grip techniques and medium pressure, energy points are stimulated that have the special natural property of loosening muscle tension and relaxing the mind, the body and the most important thing - the soul. Other energy points are activated to give the organism new strength down to the deepest layers. You will experience a pleasant lightness.

65 min. + 5 min. relaxation - € 90.00

Aroma Pampering Massage Bemelmans

Aromatherapy massage that activates or soothes, depending on your needs. The activating massage uses the oils of Atlas cedar and arnica. The calming massage uses the precious oils of orange, calendula and rosemary. In this way, energetic disharmonies in the entire organism can be eliminated and the bio-energies weakened by pressure to perform, tension or mental-emotional conflicts are strengthened.

50 min. - € 80.00


Hot Stone Therapy

It is performed with warm volcanic stones that retain the heat and then slowly release it. This treatment, suitable for muscle, rheumatic and back pain, improves the mobility of muscles and joints. It has a particularly positive effect on mood and mental well-being.

70 min. - € 95.00

Candle Massage

This relaxing massage is performed with drops of warm scented candle oils. It releases tension and gives the body new, pleasant emotions.

30 min. - € 50.00



The ritual begins with a cleansing treatment that starts with a body scrub with hay extracts. The microorganisms remove the dead skin cells and the extracts free the skin from impurities. This is followed by a pack of aromatic and detoxifying alpine mud.

60 min. - € 80.00

Aroma Salt Peeling - Intensive Tenderness

The skin is activated with the salts from the Dead Sea. High-quality aromatic oils are used to apply the salt. The treatment has a detoxifying effect and the Dead Sea salt creates an osmotic effect.

25 min. - € 42.00
55 min. - € 77,00 with massage

Stimulating freshness - linen glove dry peeling

his treatment activates blood and lymph circulation and supports the skin's metabolism. The peeling has a cleansing effect and ensures a clear and radiant complexion. The manual massage supports the lymphatic circulation and has a purifying effect. Feel new energy and a strong body sensation.

25 min. - € 45.00
55 min. - € 80,00 with massage



In this ritual, the power of the active ingredient complex of arnica and St. John's wort merges into a bundled power pack that promotes blood circulation in the muscles and increases their performance. A vitalising experience for active people. Relax during the treatment in the warm pack bath.

25 min. - 50,00 €
50 min. - 85.00 € with sports massage


A body pack based on apple and rosehip. Moisturises and regenerates thirsty skin. An application for optimal moisturising of your skin and for a velvety-silky skin feeling.

30 min. - € 50.00

50 min. with massage - € 85,00

Anti Aging

This ritual works against the signs of ageing all over the body. Let the power of grapes and sea buckthorn revitalise your tissues and support cell renewal. The treatment is enjoyed in a warm pack bath.

25 min. - € 50.00
50 min. - € 85,00 € with detox massage


Facial cleansing - Intensive purifying face treatment

Cleansing the pores and removing impurities means allowing the skin to breathe, stimulating cell renewal and making the skin fresher, more radiant and smoother. The Intensive Purifying Face Treatment is ideal for leaving the face glowing. With warm moist herbal steam compresses and a gentle lymph-stimulating massage, this is followed by cleansing with cupping glasses that deep cleanse the skin. This is followed by a toning face pack and a peel off mask that removes dead skin particles. A visibly fresh complexion and vital radiance are immediately noticeable.

50 min. - € 88.00

Moisture - Cellular recreation face treatment

The treatment serves to prevent premature signs of ageing of the skin, which are triggered by environmental stress factors and life circumstances. This is followed by maximum care for the skin that is showing the first signs of wrinkles. The skin diagnosis is followed by a facial peeling with wonderful herbal steam compresses and a deep cleansing with cupping glasses. Then enjoy an individually tailored intensive treatment with a lymph-stimulating biodynamic lifting massage. Experience a truly unforgettable beauty treatment with lasting effects. Immediately reduces small wrinkles and is plumping and toning. The skin is intensively moisturised and rosy afterwards.

80 min. - € 110.00

Anti-Aging Facial treatment - Advanced bio lifting face treatment and soul booster

Dynamic deep treatment that acts on muscle tone, oxidation processes and the skin's natural defence mechanisms. This protects the genetic heritage. A wonderfully natural active ingredient care of the TEAM DR. JOSEF anti-age line with a triple effect. Damage caused by genetic ageing and environmental influences is repaired and a biodynamic face-neck-decolleté massage initiates the renewal process and tightens the tissue. A neuro-derm massage with flower stamps additionally cushions the skin. Your skin is intensively moisturised and the contours are tightened. Finally, we pamper you with a hand massage and release you to the sounds and vibrations of genuine Tibetan singing bowls. The result is maximum deep relaxation, which is not only good for your skin but also for your soul.

120 min. - € 138.00

Facial pampering programme - short

This facial cleansing is suitable for all those who do not need a complete treatment or simply want to do something good quickly in between.

40 min. - € 50.00

Men timeless

For all men who want healthy, refreshed and pure skin. A pampering programme for a powerful and well-groomed appearance. The warm, moist herbal steam compresses prepare the skin for deep pore cleansing. The lymph-stimulating massage helps to prevent premature skin ageing and the intensive mask gives your skin vitality, elegance and a refined facial appearance.

50 min. - € 82.00

Signature treatments

Herbal stamp massage

Experience the power of herbs in an activating and restorative massage experience with a toning effect on the muscles and musculoskeletal system. Natural herbal stamps are passed over the body and the delicate exfoliating effect leaves the skin clean and ready to receive the following oils. The scent of the oils, together with the massage, reduces stress. This massage is simply a blessing for the soul and new energy flows through the body afterwards.

50 min. - € 90.00

Dynamic Back Massage - restorative back treatment

Massage for restorative back treatment. It begins with the application of essential oils to the energy lines of the back. Cupping glasses improve the dynamics of the spine. Engage in absolute deep relaxation achieved with Tibetan singing bowls. People who work a lot sitting down, but also movement lovers will love this massage.

50 min. - € 88.00

Head, neck and shoulder massage

An enveloping massage that awakens the senses. Special grip techniques for the head, neck and shoulder area and effective plant extracts release tension. Stimulation with warm basalt dotting sticks releases tension at the energy points and clears the mind. The head and neck muscles relax and deep relaxation is induced. The deep touch and gentle fragrance gently release physical tension and inner blockages.

50 min. - € 85.00

Tonified Firming Connective Tissue Treatment

The silhouette is tightened and firmed. The energetic roll-pull massage increases body tension and the metabolism in the connective tissue is activated. The contours of your silhouette are refined. The dynamic and deep-acting hand movements help to achieve a slimming effect. Contour optimised to your dream figure.

40 min. - € 70.00

Intensive Cellulite Ritual

This treatment counteracts the annoying dents of cellulite. The techniques make your skin texture and connective tissue firmer and tauter. Detoxification takes place through cupping glasses and an algae pack. A modulating massage promotes circulation and purification. Ideal for toning the abdomen, legs and buttocks. The effect can be further intensified by an algae body wrap in the floating lounger. Gives the body a feeling of lightness.

50 min. - 85,00 €
80 min. - 100,00 € with algae body wrap

Foot and leg massage for a vital light-footedness

An innovative foot and leg massage designed to relieve and relax our legs and feet. An energy and freshness kick for the feet and legs. Mint and pine revitalise the legs and vitalise the body. The copper glove massage grounds the body and mind.

40 min. - € 75.00

Sports massage

The pleasant feeling of being loose again leads to a balanced posture. Active substances of arnica and an intensive sports massage vitalise the tired body. Performance is improved. By releasing tension, the muscles become loose again. Exercise lovers become fit and powerful again thanks to toned muscles.

45 min. - € 66.00

Kids and Youth

Children's massage

A short, pleasant and particularly relaxing treatment for children, with a positive effect on circulation and minor muscle tension.

20 min. - € 35.00

Princess package

A short and special wellness programme for girls with positive effects on minor muscle tensions and pampering programme for the nails with a small manicure with nail polish.

40 min. - € 52.00

Facial Cleansing - Under 18

A treatment for demanding skin during puberty that is excellent for extensively combating excess sebum and the resulting formation of blemishes. This can often develop into acne. The sebum-regulating properties of fig and the calming effect of mallow provide a mattifying effect that cleanses the skin and allows it to breathe again.

50 min. - € 60.00


Depilation Lady & Gentleman

Price varies according to duration and type.

Manicure or pedicure

from € 55.00
from € 60,00 with polish

Eyelashes and eyebrows

Eyebrow tint: 25,00 €
Eyelash tinting: 30,00 €
Eyebrow fassion: 26,00 €

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