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Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

Excursions, hikes, cool museums, earth pyramids… on a family holiday on the Ritten, adventurous parents and children are spoilt for choice. And the certainty that the next discovery is never more than a step away.

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol
Hotel Ritten - Südtirol
Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

Active holiday with children. Out and about with the family on the Ritten.

Children and teenagers love variety. Exciting experiences and adventures. There's plenty of all that on a family holiday on the Ritten. A colourful leisure programme and activities of all kinds keep the kids happy. Toni's world of legends on the Rittner Horn, the earth pyramids, Plattner's bee farm and various sports and leisure facilities in the surrounding area bring fun and atmosphere. And the necessary portion of adventure for the demanding offspring.

Family hiking on the Ritten.

Hiking is the order of the day on a family holiday on the Ritten. But the kind that also pleases the little ones. Because the hiking and excursion destinations are so varied and great that some even forget to nag along the way. Above all, they are child-friendly and easy to reach. At a leisurely pace, you walk through the forest, along beautiful paths like the Fenn or Freud Promenade, to legendary attractions like the "towers with hats" (earth pyramids), to bees and dancing witches (Hexenbödele) or round tables with a unique view.

Lake Wolfsgruben.

Summer and winter alike, it is always worth a trip: Lake Wolfsgruben. Nestled in a dense forest in the village of Wolfsgruben, it is one of the cleanest freshwater lakes in Italy. In summer, temperatures of 22 to 24 degrees tempt you to take a dip in the refreshing water. In winter, it turns into a frozen mirror on which you can skate in front of an idyllic backdrop.

Plattner Hof Beekeeping Museum.

In Wolfsgruben you will find the Plattner Hof, one of the oldest farms on the Ritten. Inside the house you can see impressively how the farmers used to live many years ago. And here you can learn everything you need to know about bees and beekeeping in South Tyrol. In addition, a nature trail has been laid out to explain the world to visitors young and old from the point of view of the industrious bees.

Leisure activities in the hotel.

It doesn't always have to be a big excursion. There are days when you like to stay at the hotel and take advantage of the activities and opportunities offered by the hotel. And that is quite a lot. For older children and teenagers, we at Bemelmans Post offer a wide range of sports activities that are possible and feasible right at the hotel: Swimming in our pools, tennis or football on our courts just around the corner, a game of bocce or table tennis. What works?

The RittenCard. A holiday full of advantages.

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

The RittenCard is free on arrival at Bemelmans Post and is a valuable holiday companion with a multitude of services and benefits. Among other things, you can use all public transport in South Tyrol …

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