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Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

Well prepared. Well informed.

What is the direct route to Bemelmans Post? Where can I find hotel ratings and vouchers? And what advantages does the RittenCard have in store for me? Answers to these questions can be found on our information pages.

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

Give a gift voucher, give joy …

A lunch in the Poststube? A day spa with your friend? A few days of holiday on the Ritten? No matter what you want to do and who you want to please …

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

Where is our hotel on the Ritten?

Our hotel is located in the centre of Klobenstein on the Ritten plateau and most navigation systems will have no difficulty in finding our address (39054 Klobenstein, Dorf 8 / 39054 Collalbo sul Renon, Via del Paese 8) …

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

Your opinion is important to us!

As passionate hosts, it is important to us that our guests are comfortable. That's why we like to hear praise and recognition, but are also grateful for suggestions and wishes …

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

The RittenCard. A holiday full of advantages.

The RittenCard is free on arrival at Bemelmans Post and is a valuable holiday companion with a multitude of services and benefits …

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