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Earth pyramids, panoramic views of the Dolomites, nostalgic train rides, unique museums - there are new things to discover every day during your holiday at Bemelmans Post on the Ritten. Great excursion destinations create lasting memories.

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol
Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

RittenCard included

Train, bus and museums free of charge in South Tyrol

Places to see on the Ritten and in South Tyrol. Collect valuable holiday memories.

This much we can promise: When it comes to excursion destinations, sights worth seeing and activities, you will get your money's worth during your holiday at Bemelmans Post. There is so much to discover, experience and marvel at on the sunny Rittner Hochplateau, in Bolzano and throughout South Tyrol. Nature and culture. Mystical places. All kinds of events. And of course very special highlights, such as the historic old town of Bolzano or the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano.

Earth pyramids. And other mystical places.

Once you get on the Rittner Bahnl, take a leisurely hike to Lengmoos and you'll be standing in front of it in amazement: cone- and tower-shaped they rise into the sky, the famous earth pyramids on the Ritten. Formed over centuries by landslides, wind and erosion, the impressive clay columns with their stone hats are just one of the many almost mystical attractions on the Ritten …

Nostalgia trip. The Rittner Bahnl.

A ride on the Rittner Bahnl is a must - and a real privilege. Because the nostalgic narrow-gauge railway that runs from Klobenstein to Oberbozen is the last of its kind in South Tyrol. The journey through the wonderful landscape, past meadows, forests and farms, takes a pleasant half hour. Always in view: the majestic Dolomites. It is especially romantic in winter, when the historic railway enchants in its Christmas version as the Rittner Christbahnl.

The RittenCard. A holiday full of advantages.

Hotel Ritten - Südtirol

The RittenCard is free on arrival at Bemelmans Post and is a valuable holiday companion with a multitude of services and benefits. Among other things, you can use all public transport in South Tyrol …

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