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Dive into heated indoor and outdoor pools. Sweat and recharge your batteries. The sauna world at Bemelmans Post is a hot spot. In the Vitarium. In the Ritten steam bath. In the Finnish panorama sauna with mountain views.

Get out of the daily grind and into your bathrobe.

Our pool & spa area with a view of the Dolomites is a soothing balm for body and soul. On a generous 1,500 m², there are many wonderful possibilities to relax. Unrestrained and just as your own preferences require: Have a good sweat in the panorama sauna, blow off some steam in the Rittner bio sauna, dive into the heated indoor-outdoor pool, forget about time in the whirlpool. Finally, take a breath of fresh air in the hotel park and then quickly return to the cosy warmth of our relaxation rooms … Wonderful!

The Bemelmans Post pool area.

At Hotel Bemelmans Post there is not just one, but several pools to choose from. An indoor pool, 13 x 6 m, with a year-round water temperature of 28 °C; an outdoor pool at the same temperature, 30 m² in size, connected directly to the indoor pool via a sluice; an outdoor whirlpool in front of the panorama sauna with 36 °C water and a view of the Dolomites; another whirlpool with floor bubblers and massage jets, adjacent to the indoor pool, and a separate indoor pool for children, in a separate room next to the indoor pool for the "grown-ups", where they can splash and frolic to their heart's content.

Sweat with a view of the Dolomites: Our panorama sauna.

The word "sauna" comes from Finnish and means "room made of wood". Our new Finnish pine sauna lives up to this name: it is made of high-quality wood from South Tyrolean forests. Regular sauna sessions strengthen the immune system and train the heart and circulation. Through the alternation of warmth and cooling stimuli, the sauna offers physical and mental relaxation, a variety of moods and an increase in performance. At a temperature of 80 - 90 °C and a humidity of 10 to 30 %, the body sweats itself into shape and frees itself from waste products and toxins.

Vitarium: Our bio sauna.

The bio sauna, a version of the Finnish sauna that is gentler on the circulation, is also known as the beginners' sauna. In the Vitarium, the symbiosis of soothing and skilfully dosed natural elements is at work. Strong warmth, gentle steam, stimulating fragrances, minerals and trace elements of pure essential oils, mood-brightening light showers and meditative, soothing music sounds ensure that the immune system is strengthened, the respiratory tract is cleansed and the body as a whole is purified and detoxified. All this happens at a room temperature of 45 - 50 °C and a humidity of up to 55 %.

The Ritten steam bath.

The essential oils extracted from medicinal plants dissolve in the heat of the steam bath. They enter the organism through the skin and respiratory tract, where they unfold their pleasant effects. The soothing interplay of moisture and warmth relieves cramps. The physical relaxation also calms irritated nerves. The heat of the steam enters deep into the tissues, stimulates the blood circulation in the organs and thus initiates beneficial processes.

Sensory showers & relaxation room.

The sensory showers have a soothing and relaxing effect. With different fragrances - from pine wood to apple blossom - they invigorate the senses. They open up new dimensions of perception, free the breath and ensure an inner sense of well-being. The well-coordinated colour effects bring body, mind and soul into harmonious balance. For the subsequent rest, our guests have two relaxation rooms at their disposal in the Bemelmans Post Spa area - one of them is reserved for the sauna area; the second is accessible to all guests seeking tranquillity and offers not only the magnificent Dolomite panorama but also a well-stocked library.

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