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Beauty treatments

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Beauty: from 08:00 - 20:00 with lunch break
Swimming pool: from 07:00 - 19:30
Sauna: from 15:00 - 19:30
Fitness: from 07:00 - 19:30
Beauty shop: from 09:00 - 20:00 with lunch break. If it should be closed we’re glad to accompany you from the hotel reception.

All applications

» Massages
Classical part- or full body massage
Relaxing, gaining distance, calming and enjoying a singular atmosphere
30 min. at EUR 30,00
55 min. at EUR 60,00
Bemelmans sumptuous aroma- massage
One of the most comfortable forms of enjoying essential oils. Beauty and well- being from the nature. The pure and natural ingredients enter deeply into the skin layer and stimulate your body.
ca. 55 min. at EUR 60,00
Deep recreation- massage
The nervous system will be relaxed deeply through slow and rhythmic brush- movements, stress will be abolished and the body will be moved into a wonderful passive state.
ca. 55 min. at EUR 60,00
Bio-release head massage - releases inner stress
"Healing the soul through the body." Following this approach of a lot hygenics, the special massage for face, scalp and neck is an important part of the preventive care of health.
Different massage- methods, once delicate, once with more energy- but always beneficial- will release on a gentle way bodily stress and inner blockades. So energetic disharmonies in the whole organism can be abolished and the through pressure to perform, stress or emotional conflicts weakened bio- energies can be restored.
25 min. at EUR 30,00
Drainage massage for dewatering
A drainage therapy, which is made by a gently, circular and comfortable technique. It has a purifying, regenerating effect, beneficial for the blood circulation. The body will be dammed up and the whole organism will be stimulated in his work.
30 min. at EUR 32,00
55 min. at EUR 58,00
Hot Stone massage
Through the laying of the stones even before beginning with the massage the body receives enough warmth, for relaxing also deeper areas and stimulating the recreation. The warmth accelerates the blood circulation and provides more oxygen for the cells. Through the hot stone massage the body removes more toxins.
Through the other organs and body systems the whole organism can be stabilized and vitalized in an effective way. The massage is especially recommended at common colds, because through the radiance of the stones healing processes will be enforced.
60 min. at EUR 60,00
Scrubber massage
Brushing the skin stimulates the circulation, regulates the blood pressure and vitalizes the organs. The brushing has also a calming effect.
30 min. at EUR 30,00
» For our children
Gentle massage
At a gentle massage also our little ones can enjoy relaxation.
15 min. at EUR 15,00
Princess package
Enjoying massage and afterwards a small manicure with nail polish.
30 min. at EUR 30,00
Especially face care, which is adjusted on the needs of young skin. Especially in the adolescence the face- skin sometimes has problematic areas. Through a particular treatment impurities will be abolished and the skin will be alleviated.
Ca. 60 - 90 Min. depending on the impurities EUR 50,00 - 80,00
» Cosmetic treatments
Foot care - pedicure
EUR 35,00 – 40,00 with nail polish + EUR 5,00
Pedicure de luxe with foot package EUR 45,00
Nail- cutting and removal of the cornea EUR 12,50
EUR 35,00 with nail polish EUR 40,00
Manicure de luxe with hand- peeling, luxury package and nail polish EUR 45,00
French Lack + EUR 10,00 (Manicure or Pedicure)
Take 3 pay 2 each 20 min. EUR 22,00
Solarium single price EUR 12,00
Eartreatments with candles
The ear treatments with candles comes from the Hopi American Indian and is a very efficient, easy and versatile treatment of warm and a pressure compensation, which is also used for headache, ear –and equilibrium problems. The ear treatments with candles act through the elements light and heat. The soft creak of the ear candle flame feels like a soft massage in the ear-drum and causes an interior balance and wellness. Further effects to irritation of frontal and all sinuses, Sinusitis, cold, ear pains and hemicranias and brings to pressure compensation, stimulation of energetic circulation, dissolution of blocks, nervousness and stress.
The ear candles are made of self made bee waxes and guarantee the wonderful relax atmosphere which is into accordance with nature.
The application of the ear candle gives a feeling of wellness and liberation.
20 minuts costs EUR 30,00.

We advise after the treatment to relax in the Relax area for at least 15 minutes.
Eyes treatments
Classic eyes treatment
The pressure point massage is particularly efficient and is made with a freshen eye fluid and a proper packing for 30 minutes costs Euro 25,00.

Quick eye packing with  Q10 und Liposoms*
from Gertraud Gruber 15 minutes costs EUR 15,00

Eyebrow shaping* ca. 10 Min. á EUR 12,00
eyebrows design* ca. 10 Min. á EUR 12,00
Eyebrows coloration* ca. 20 Min. á EUR 12,00
Eyelashes coloration* ca. 20 Min. á EUR 12,00

* If you book these treatments during a face treatment you will get a discount of 10%.
Total depilation (legs, bikini area, axils, upper lip) EUR 52,00
Depilation whole legs to EUR 32,00
Depilation half leg to EUR 25,00
Bikin area to EUR 15,00 - 20,00
Axils depilation to EUR 15,00
Upper lip depilation to EUR 12,00
Make up
Our specialist cosmetician will advise your personal make up!

Day or night Make up ca. 25 minutes EUR 20,00
Complete Make up consultation ca. 60 minutes EUR 50,00

During your face treatment you can also get a make up consultation with a discount of -10%.
» Packing in the suspended bed
Renon flowers and hay bath
You’ll be immersed in scented hay coming from the shepherds’ huts; the skin pores open up and the hay essences are very effective on the skin wellness. Tiredness and backaches disappear, while your skin and your spirit are strengthened.
ca. 30 Min. EUR 42,00
Seaweed bath
The seaweed baths purify your body and stimulate blood circulation. Moreover, your skin is toned, stimulated and purified thanks to the seaweed action.
ca. 30 Min. EUR 40,00
Oenothera oil bath
The oenothera oil bath is an excellent moisturizer. Your skin will be softened and pampered. The regenerating effect will remain for long and you’ll feel soft and beautiful everywhere.
ca. 30 Min. EUR 42,00
Arnica bath
The arnica bath has energizing effects, strengthening your body from the outside, while it loosens cramps and stimulates your circulatory system from the inside. The arnica bath stimulates your metabolism and unblocks your articulations. This kind of bath is the ideal choice after sport, letting you feel fresh and in shape again!
ca. 30 Min. EUR 38,00
Musk Rose bath- dog rose bath
Your skin will be regenerated and smoothed. Moreover, your skin relaxing process and the formation of wrinkles are arrested. This kind of bath builds up a barrier for your skin, limiting the water loss, to let it be more elastic. It’s the ideal wellness treatment for mature skins.
ca. 30 Min. EUR 39,00
Massage (bookable with every body pack)
By so doing, the feeling of well- being in your body and spirit will be complete.
30 min. EUR 28,00
» Peelings
Salty and oily combined with a softening lotion
40 min. EUR 40,00
Aloe vera body peeling combined with a softening body lotion
40 min. EUR 40,00
Back peeling combined with a massage
Your back will be deeply cleansed and refreshed; aromatic oils are also an important part of the wellness massage; a very pleasant moment!
35 min. EUR 45,00
» Gentlemen treatments
MEN XO Face treatments
An innovative gentlemen beauty treatment, natural and effective. The ideal solution to let the modern man have a natural and well-groomed look.
60 min. circa EUR 68,00
Gentlemen back treament
Your skin will be deeply cleansed thanks to peeling; this wellness treatment will be followed by a revitalizing massage. It’s possible to combine back waxing as well.
50 min. EUR 55,00
Back or chest EUR 30,00 - EUR 40,00
Complete leg waxing EUR 45,00
Armpits EUR 15,00
» Special treatments based on Gertraud Gruber cosmetics
Anticellulite treatment
1 brush massage, 1 Mont Halth body pack , 1 toning and stimulating massage for your blood circulation. You’ll be offered a purifying cup of herbal tea during your treatment!
ca. 90 Min. EUR 85,00
Mont Halth salty mud body pack according to the Gertraud Gruber method
It’s a natural mineral mud which tones and detoxifies your body. It regulates the acid-basic skin equilibrium and it favours its regeneration. It also exfoliates your skin lightly. Enjoy a pleasant massage afterwards.
ca. 55 Min. with massage EUR 65,00, without massage EUR 35,00
» Face treatments based on Gertraud Gruber's cosmetics
Symphony face treatment
Sense symphony – First class biocosmetics.
Push up treatment with an alginate-based mask, enriched with “green” and endogenous substances. Algae extracts activate this mask active principle fixing the moisturizing principles; moreover, the “green” hormones stabilize cells. The “Tension line” has been expressly developed for this treatment, based on anatomic and physiological principles. This kind of massage favors blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system in a pleasant way. Moreover, this kind of massage has a purifying effect. All these treatments reinforce your skin and gently lift tissues. The “Symphony” line product don’t contain mineral oil, paraffin, synthetic, preserving substances, synthetic coloring matters or perfumes.
This treatment lasts more or less 100 minutes EUR 110,00
Exquisit treatment
Classic face treatment and Exquisit eye treament based on the Gertraud Gruber cosmetics. This treatment is made up by a special eye massage to stimulate the lymphatic system and the energetic flux across the meridians. The second part of the treatment consists into a eye pack called “Liquid Crystals”; the active substance in the liquid crystals has a very effective moisturizing function.
This treatment lasts 100 minutes EUR 105,00
Classic face treatment
A true balsam for your soul… a classic face treatment lasting an hour, with the precious product of the Gertraud Gruber line. Your face will be cleansed, regenerated and pampered.
60 Min. EUR 65,00
Beauty Modelage wax beauty treatment
You can count on a modelage treatment based on wax, beyond the usual face treatments chosen according to your skin type. Thanks to wax, the active principles of face treatments are absorbed more deeply. This wax beauty treatment contains pure beeswax and A and E vitamins, which tone your skin. This skin treatment is suitable for dry, atrophic and “sophisticated” kinds of skin.
85 Min. EUR 82,00
» Packages
„Beauty modelage“ face treatment based on wax, lashes and eyebrows colouring, manicure with arms beauty pack, hands massage, pedicure with foot massage, a brush massage, an Mont Halth body pack, a total body massage.
EUR 295,00
Men Power short program - When a man is a true man!
XO Men face treatment
body peeling + lotion
EUR 115,00
A day of beauty - Luxury for your body and your soul
Body bath and peeling in a suspended bathtub
Classic face treatment
Deluxe Manicure
EUR 130,00
I fight cellulite
Gertraud Gruber Anti-cellulite treatment
1 brush massage, 1 Mont Halit body pack, a toning and stimulating massage to stimulate blood circulation. During this treatment you’ll be served a cup of purifying tea!
ca. 90 Min. EUR 95,00
Relax - relaxing- enjoying life
Bath with a body pack (on your choice) in a suspended bathtube
de luxe face treatment
deep anti-stress massage
2x solarium,
deluxe manicure and pedicure
EUR 260,00
Massage packages - very effective!
Head relaxina bio-massage
massage with herbs little sacks or hot stone massage
deep relaxing massage
EUR 135,00
We recommend to book the desired treatments in time, in order that we can reserve the terms for you. Reservations can be made at the beauty- reception or at the hotel reception.
Beauty- reception Tel. 175

The treatments will be charged on the room. If desired you can also pay directly at the reception.

You can cancel your treatment until 24 hours before without paying nothing. If there are short term cancellations or absences we’ve to charge the full price of the treatment.

  • Bleeder or diabetics should please inform us before making the treatment
  • We ask men gently to shave themselves before making a facial
All used “Gertraud Gruber” products can be bought in our beauty shop.

Massages: We ask you, to disrobe you completely and to keep on only the bath robe and a slip. During the massages we always will cover you good with our cover- methods for protecting your privacy. If desired we’ll also prepare you a single- use slip (men and women).

Our beauty- area is a place of calmness and power. We ask you to respect this and to reproach your children gently if necessary.